A new era of mind machines has arived!


The long awaited iLightz II system is here! It is the first AVS device to be designed as a software based system, utilizing the technology already in your pocket. The iLightz II builds off of AppleĀ® technology just like the first iLightz system, but the iLightz II takes this concept even further by using your Apple device as the controller and processor for the entire system. By utilizing the power and ease of use offered by modern mobile devices we have been able to distill our 22 years of AVS experience into the most advanced, easy to use and affordable mind machine on the market today! The wireless revolution has finally come to Mind Machines and a new era begins today.


Our system consists of the iLightz app, a dongle for interfacing with our proprietary ColorMatrix glasses and our custom Bluetooth headphones for superior comfort and sound quality. The iLightz II dongle is an Authorized Apple Accessory, the first to be combined with an AVS app. The custom set of headphones allows for even more utility and comfort. With the use of these headphones, the entire iLightz II system runs with only a single wire. With Our revolutionary system, users will have access to the full effectiveness of AVS technology, in a convenient, mobile format.


The iLightz II system includes the same quality built in programs from the iLightz to get you started as well as 8 new programs centered on maintaining focus and attention. Also included are over 20 Audioscapes, sound effects like heartbeats and thunderstorms which can be layered with binaural beats and your personal audio to give you the best AVS experience ever. Another feature of our app is the manual mode, which allows advanced users to customize sessions on the fly and target frequencies that work best for them. By using an app based system updates can be pushed seamlessly to all devices to keep you up to date with the most advanced technology in the AVS field.


The iLightz II system provides a compact, state of the art, and easy to use AVS system at an industry leading price to performance value. Our system is the easiest to use, has the best features, and the strongest effects. Become a part of the cutting edge of AVS technology by getting your iLightz II today!